About Us

Sloka Advertising Private Limited

Who We Are?

Name: Sloka Advertising Private Limited
Established: 2004
Legal Status: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business: Full house advertising agency
Details: Campaign Designs, Campaign Execution, Media Planning, Media Buying, Industry Analytics, Market Research.

Times They Are a Changing

Just when it seemed like we have conquered the goliath called advertising; new advertising media rummaged onto the scene and represented a humongous new lab for us to experiment with - right from outdoor through digital - and we started learning new concepts like behavioral time lines, geographical targeting, advertising analytics, SEOs, print innovations and a lot more. The explosion of the internet gave equal access to millions of consumers, creating powerful new advertising channels through which we could spread a brand’s message. Suddenly, our trusted old strategies were no longer applicable. If we were to evolve with the times, we had to evolve our way of thinking too. Old habits die hard, but they had to die eventually.

Decades of Evolution

We still surprise ourselves by finding different ways to look at the same problems, but that is what creativity is all about. Over the decades when words like 'advertising analytics' were alien to India till the present times when we talk about analytics 2.0, there never has been a single solution that is the omnipotent answer for all advertising case studies, especially because advertising is truly organic. And as all organic things evolve, we too have been undergoing a concurrent evolution over the last 3 decades, and it’s not over yet.

Our Philosophy

Ask someone what advertising is and you will most likely hear about television commercials, newspaper ads and radio spots. But we know it is more than that. It is change. Ignoring it is not a choice anymore. Its effect is ubiquitous and it is what we do. Sloka takes a look at where your customers are and designs marketing plans targeted towards those spaces. There is no sense in you being where your customers are not. Opportunities for growth exist everywhere - in what is known, in what is unknown, in the smallest of details, in the largest of concepts, on terra firma, in thin air, in radio waves and LED luminescence. And they are all interconnected. Just because we have never done something earlier, never meant we should not do it now.

What We Do?

As an advertising agency, Sloka provides a service. But so do hotels and massage parlors. The difference is that they give you a menu of services to choose from. And we don’t. Simply because each client and each brand has a new perspective and its own DNA, which has to be evolved and personified into what the brand stands for. We believe in brand evolution and not brand mutation. Evolutions are organic while mutations are radical and unsustainable.

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